"Keith from Mr. Sponge was at my condo yesterday, January 29 and did an outstanding job of fixing the long crack in my basement wall. It involved quite a bit of work on his part. I wanted to let you know that I couldn't have been more pleased with Keith and his work. Thank you for referring Keith and Mr. Sponge to take care of the water coming through the crack and into my basement." Jonnie, Clinton Township

"Our condominium had a nice flood during those heavy rains. Damage to carpet and walls. Dean from Mr Sponge came out and conveyed it was a large crack." - Al S.

Keith Potts from Mr Sponge was here today, & determined the wall crack to be the source of the water leakage. He prepped the wall & injected the sealant.

He was very professional, knowledgeable, & particular about protecting the area/furniture adjacent to the work area. He also patiently answered all my questions on the process. I'm sure he put an end to our water problem.

Ken, Macomb Twp

Jerry and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work performed by Dean of Mr. Sponge. When we discovered a leak in our basement he conscientiously traced the source, a botched Centex repair, and he was able to repair the damage. He is someone who takes pride in his work.

Linder and Jerry, Livonia

Just wanted to pass along Mr. Daniels praise for Keith and Mr. Sponge! He said Mr. Sponge did a great job, was on time, professional, and the work done neatly.

Hollis, Rochester

Dean and his team of professionals have done excellent work for our condo association for several years now. We trust Mr. Sponge to always give us the best quality work and to help educate us when the leak problem is something other than what they can fix. Would highly recommend you call Mr. Sponge if you have any basement leaks!

Laura Varga

Mr. Sponge Waterproofing is an amazing company. Excellent workmanship. I would recommend Mr. Sponge. Dean is a fantastic man and has a great work ethic, very friendly.

Beverly Day

I've had this company repair water leaks in my basement both on my previous home, and my current condo. The injected urethane completely fills the crack in the wall, from the inside to the outside surface. Once repaired, there simply will not be any more leaks from that location. The service is quick and done in a very professional manner. Definitely recommend Mr. Sponge if you have concrete wall leaks either from cracks or tie rod holes.

C Janik

I've had the pleasure of dealing with Dean from Mr. Sponge on two different occasions, and I have to say I love him! He's honest, with a lot of integrity and does a very good job. A few years back, we had torrential rain causing flooding all throughout southeast Michigan. Water was leaking into my basement. Dean came out and repair the problem. Have had no further issues with leaks. A few weeks ago, we again had torrential rain. Noticed a water build-up in my patio doorwall causing the carpet and floor boards to become wet. This also caused leakage down my basement wall. Dean came out today to inspect the problem. He was very honest explaining the cause (nothing Mr. Sponge could repair). He clearly explained that it's due to a foundation issue and what will be needed to repair it, and how it should be repaired. Any other company would have charge an astronomical amount just to put a temporary fix in not addressing the problem root. Thank you so much, Dean. It's wonderful knowing there are still honest companies out here.

Rayna Reid

Mr. Sponge Waterproofing recently solved this failed I-Beam pocket. The home owner tried using spray foam insulation initially. We repaired by rebuilding a concrete cavity and injecting SP-3 polyurethane.

Back in the 1970's, some waterproofing companies were repairing cracks by installing a drain tube in the wall and draining through the wall to the outside perimeter drain lines.

Here is an example of where the drain tube finally failed and spilled onto the floor.

We removed the drain tube, rebuilt the cement wall, and solved by injecting SP-3 polyurethane.

This is an example of how SP3 expands and reacts to the soil side of the wall crack that we were injecting from the interior.

This is an example of the type of obstructions we can creativity work around.

This is an example of an outer corner crack leak that we can repair and give you a 20-year warranty on.