Control Your Condo Expenses Through Accurate and Preventative Leak Service

Trust Mr. Sponge Waterproofing, Inc., to put a stop to leaking walls.

Has water in the basements that you manage been an ongoing problem that never seems to go away?

We provide commercial waterproofing services in Novi, Sterling Heights, Canton, MI and the surrounding Metro Detroit area for:

  • Condos
  • Townhomes
  • Apartments
  • Housing Developments
  • Commercial Building Basements










Eliminate the need to dig on the outside that disturbs landscaping, decks, and expensive concrete repairs. By using Mr. Sponge Waterproofing, you will see most repairs done from the inside saving the associations thousands in un-necessary repair costs.

Over the past 30 years we have successfully repaired thousands of basement leaks in Michigan for property management companies. Whether it's a townhouse development or a condominium complex, we provide a one stop solution to help save in the expense of repairs. Board of directors are most pleased with our services since our price point helps in saving association funds and pre managing their expenses through preventative service approach.


8 Benefits of Waterproofing Your Condos and Townhouses with Mr. Sponge

Contact Mr. Sponge Waterproofing today to protect your sites from water in Novi, Sterling Heights, Canton, MI or anywhere in Southeast Michigan.

Proactively waterproofing your sites as work orders are called in can save your associations money and stress in the long run

  • We Stop Water Instantly
  • Owner Operated and Licensed
  • Quick Turnaround For Your Co-Owners
  • Price Point Designed to Save Association Funds
  • Proprietary Waterproofing Products Such as SP-3 and TRX® Swell Plug
  • Ability to Repair Other Waterproofing Contractor Failures
  • Repair While Wet
  • Stop Long Term Leak Damage
  • State-Of-The-Art Tools and Technology to Detect Water, Determine Sources and Solve






Hire a waterproofer that gets it done right the first time so your co-owners are happy and not burdened with repeat repair failures. Call Mr. Sponge Waterproofing, Inc. today and get started.